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“I work in Churchill because it is home. I have family and roots here. It is a smaller community and I know everyone which makes it easier to talk to people. There is beautiful scenery all around.”

Irene Dion, Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

“I have been in Churchill ten years. The opportunity, the job is what brought me here. The staff is friendly and there is low stress. The lifestyle has kept me here because it is easy to meet people. Through my career here I have had more opportunity to see the progression of my patients and more versatility in what I can do within my field.”

Jeff Noel, Lab Technician

“The job is what initially brought me to Churchill five years ago. The sense of community and the opportunity to work with other health-care professionals and expanded practice has kept me here. The outdoor, northern beauty and becoming a member of the community has been great.”

Dan DiMuzio, EMS Manager

“I was born and raised in Churchill. It is my home. I stay because I like the small town vibe and the fact that I know everyone. Churchill is tranquil and safe. I like to teamwork at the CHC. All departments are involved. There is an opportunity for advancement and to provide input.”

Samantha Botelho, Health Care Aide

“I like the tranquillity of Churchill. It is laid back and friendly. The community and facility was very welcoming when I arrived. The interaction of my coworkers and the team environment is great.”

Holton Fletcher, Health Information Technician

“I came to Churchill for my senior practicum and it was a great experience. I like the variety and intimacy in the relationships I form with my patients. The lifestyle is laid back and carefree. The landscape is beautiful. The community is super welcoming and very closeknit. Everyone was easy to get to know and made me feel included.”

Shawna McBride, Registered Nurse