About Us

Located in the town of Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay, the Churchill Health Centre (CHC) serves a community of 831 residents as well as patients and clients from surrounding communities in Manitoba and the Nunavut Region, Kitikmeot Region and the Baffin Region.

The health centre, which is an operating division of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, has a staff of 129 people, including 6 regular doctors and 4 locums, 18 nurses and 8 health-care professionals and support staff. The health centre also features 21 acute care beds, a nursing ward and two emergency rooms. It provides a wide range of health-care services, including: 24-hour emergency medical care, in-patient care, pre- and post-operation dental surgery, elderly care, emergency obstetrics, patient transport arrangements, interim care of critically ill patients awaiting transfer to a primary care facility, rehabilitation and chronic care.