Emergency Department

The Churchill Health Centre’s Emergency Department is open 24/7. The Emergency Department is staffed by the nurses on the ward and a doctor on call. After 8 p.m., access to the building is restricted, but a buzzer system is used and the nurse will meet the patient at the door. In emergency situations, 911 should be called and for non-emergency information, call 204-675-8300.

  • Emergency Medical Services include treatment and transport of ill/injured clients in emergent and non-emergent settings. Staff are trained in Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, CPR, and First Aid.
  • Community para-medicine.
  • Mobile Vital Signs Clinics. This involves holding public clinics to check vital signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, SpO2 and heart rate.
  • Non-Emergency Home Visit Program. This involves having a health-care provider visit a patient for such things as general well-being checks, medication compliance checks, wound care/dressing changes, CPAP assistance, monitor patient vital signs, distribute and promote ERIK packages, give immunizations, etc. These patients are identified at the request of a physician or other health-care provider, or by request from the individual themselves or their family.
  • Community & Health Centre Training/Education. This includes bike helmet safety promotion, providing CPR/first aid courses, emergency preparedness promotion, fire extinguisher training, patient scenario training with physicians/other health-care providers, and managing the public access defibrillator program.